Meet the Mommy

Mrs. Simonetta Vespucci

(Simone or Mone)

Mrs. Simonetta (Simone for short) Vespucci was born in the latter half of 2013, She came to her forever home at the end of February of 2014.  She has a dominant attitude with Mr. Enzo but also loving and caring. She loves to be on your lap and under your blanket or bathing in the sun on the floor.

WATER: Simon likes the water a bit more then Mr. Enzo, she loves warm baths and will be caught wading out into the waves at the ocean, gulf or lake.

VOCALS: Mrs. Simone is called "Mone" (moan-ey) because she is a bit of a whiner/ chatter box. She communicates very well and loves to let you know whats going on. She is not a barker, however, she will when she thinks something is threatening.

TRAVEL: Simone loves the beach and travels really well in the car, now, though she doesn't like it when a family member leaves the vehicle to go inside a strange building to get a snack. Her longest car ride has been about 9 hrs. She has not had any flights as of yet.

Simone is very gentle has a great personality and loves everyone in this home as family.

Simone actually loves to dress up and enjoys having a 10 year old girl as her human to play with.

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